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Joanne discovered Irish dancing at the age of 4 and later in life went on to found her own dance company "Dualta". She has performed on stage and before television audiences throughout the world. In 1994 she joined the original Riverdance company and performed the lead female role for 8 years. In addition to this her responsibilities included the overseeing and maintenance of the dancing standards of the company, training understudies, and promoting the show, which involved both live and pre-recorded television shows –radio broadcasts- press conferences – one to one interviews and photo shoots, and meeting and greeting invited dignitaries and royalty.

Joanne retired from touring in 2005 and is now living and teaching Irish dancing in the South of France. She works with various schools in Marseille, Aix en Provence, Lançon de Provence and Trets and also hosts workshops and masterclasses all over France.

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